About Alexander’s Old Tools:

Alexander’s Old Tools buys & sells, as well as refurbishes, antique tools. Mainly axes, saws, striking tools, and the like. More importantly, Alexander’s Old Tools seeks to draw connections between tools, historical trades, and culture, both in the past and present, and to do original research on Edge Tool Makers and related tools and trades from Maine.

About Alexander:

Alexander’s Old Tools is run by Alexander M. Koch of Unity, Maine.

Photograph by Sophie Rhodes MaRose, 2017.

Alexander M. Koch is fascinated by the natural world, history, and the Maine woods. He seeks to make connections between the past and the present, and his research magnifies the importance of the Maine woods and its effects on life in the 19th and early 20th centuries until today.

As a non-traditional student at Unity College studying Parks & Forest Resources his academic career connects deeply to his love of history and the Maine woods.

He is currently farm store manager at 47 Daisies.

Alexander is a former Ecology teacher at Wayfinder Schools in New Gloucester, Maine. As an educator and through his passion for knowledge and teaching he passed on a love for learning and the natural world.

He has a long history of volunteering for natural history related projects and the environment, especially with museums and land-trusts.

He has a love for words and writing and has combined this love with his love for teaching as a writing tutor over the years. He also has experience with editing and as a community journalist.

He is a well-known historian of Maine made tools, and early trades and industries. He is often contacted by people throughout Maine and from around the world with research questions about such subjects.

Most recently Alexander is the first prize winner of the 2017 National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest for his submission “The Breath and Breadth of the Maine Woods.”

And if you cannot find Alexander Koch he’s probably out in the woods somewhere listening for Bicknell’s thrush or studying the apothecia of a lichen.


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