Museum of Maine Made Edge Tools

The Museum of Maine Made Edge Tools will, eventually, be located at the Farwell Building, in Thorndike, Maine.

Examples of the pieces to be housed in the museum will be posted here.

They include a wide array of Edge and other related tools made by Maine makers from the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries.


This axe label is from Emerson, Stevens & Co., of West Waterville, Maine. West Waterville became the town of Oakland by popular vote in 1883. This label predates that name change. Emerson & Stevens made axes from 1870 until the 1969 on the banks of the Messalonskee Stream (which, incidentally, was often known as Emerson’s Stream in the late 1800’s).

Emerson & Stevens axe label

This axe was made by J.M. Towle of Westbrook, Maine between 1809-1856.



This double-beveled hewing axe, marked “Williams” was found in Maine. There were many Williams working in Skowhegan making axes in the mid-late 1800’s, and more research is needed to determine if this was made by one of them or not. There was also a Williams in Bath, and possibly other Williams across the state in  the business of edge tool manufacture.